The Havock

Date: 30 April 1945


The day the world changed forever.

One of my primary goals while living in Arcadia has been to better piece together the events leading up to, during, and immediately following the Havock. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to interview dozens of surviving witnesses, both human and meta-human. Combining this personal testimony with sensitive Allied operation documents provided by London, and carefully reconstructed Nazi records now archived at the University, I believe I can provide a much more accurate chronicle of this historic day than what has come before:

29 April, 01:00: Soviet and Allied forces had encircled Nazi reinforcements bound for Berlin, further solidifying their control of the city’s border, and preventing the Axis defensive from mounting.

08:00: By the early morning hours, Allied forces had moved steadily into Berlin from the west, engaging remaining Nazi forces still stationed in the city; on the eastern border, Soviet attacks pushed the offensive ever closer to the Reich Chancellery.

11:00: At this point, Soviet forces had moved to within 500 meters from the Führerbunker; Nazi forces in the center of the city began to break out, and many more were killed despite their attempt to escape or surrender.

13:00-14:00: According to operations documentation pieced together from the ruined Reich Chancellery and Reichstag, Hitler sent a coded transmission to the head of Walpurgis, Doctor Hans Liehr, instructing him to open the übergatter – or “super-gate.” From what we now know, this highly-experimental procedure must have been viewed as a last-ditch effort by the Nazis to expel the invading Allied and Soviet forces. Unfortunately, none of us knew then how far they had come in the field of occult “super-science” – and yet they had no idea what they were about to unleash.

14:00: By this time, Allied forces were meeting the Soviet offensive near the center of the city, flanking the remaining Nazi soldiers still engaged in a now futile battle for control of Berlin. The details of what happened next are sketchy at best, as there are few surviving witnesses from so close to the epicenter of the incident; however, most accounts describe a sudden, blinding light accompanied by arcs of an unknown energy emanating from the ground beneath the Reichstag. A massive explosion ended the most intense fighting as the Reichstag then collapsed, revealing a massive, hidden bunker underground, from which a giant portal of a sort now stood agape. Descriptions of this portal are extremely rare, illustrating a horrific, alien landscape from which a colossal monster emerged. This monster, now classified as HX-01, immediately began destroying everything in its path; from all witness testimony, it appears the portal closed the instant the HX-01 arrived.

15:00: The creature’s devastating power quickly decimated the assembled Allied, Soviet, and Axis forces, tearing down huge portions of the city with each movement and attack. Deafening roars shook the very foundation of Berlin, and all attempts to stop the HX-01 were utterly ineffective. Allied operations correspondence between London and Washington DC show that the situation was relayed quickly, and Prime Minister Churchill and President Truman decided that drastic action was required to halt the advance of the HX-01. A bomber division and fighter escort were dispatched from Langley–Eustis Air Force Base in Hampton, Virginia. The payload: an atomic bomb, code named “Fat Man.” Developed as part of the United States’ ‘Manhattan Project,’ this bomb represented the most powerful weaponry in history, as well as humanity’s last hope against the HX-01.

30 April, 11:00: In the eleventh hour, the bomber division arrived from America after refueling stops in Newfoundland and London. By this time, the HX-01 had driven the remaining Allied and Axis forces back from the center of Berlin, and fighting raged on in the city’s streets amidst continued orders for retreat. Allied correspondence indicates that while the leaders in London and Washington were briefed on the potential destructive power of the atomic weapon, their fear of the creature caused them to hasten the bomb’s deployment – the sacrifice of Allied and Axis personnel was deemed acceptable if the monster was stopped and/or destroyed. At 11:23 Berlin local time, “Fat Man” was dropped on the HX-01. The result was unexpected to say the least.

11:23: According to eyewitness accounts cross-checked with testimony from former ‘Manhattan Project’ leads, the bomb’s detonation did not happen as planned. While the weapon exploded on contact with the HX-01, the resulting shockwave was infinitely larger than anticipated. Despite the breakdown in global communication in the intervening decades, early worldwide reports suggested that the shockwave passed over the entire planet. The effects were varied; some individuals simply perished outright. Others fell unconscious, only to awaken at a later time, though utterly changed. Still others remain to this day unaffected by what has come to be known as the Havock.

Note: Our initial estimates of the Havock’s effect on population were largely extrapolations based on data solely from Britain in the earliest years after the incident: 23,000,000 people (~1% of the worldwide population) had suffered some kind of mutation, 500,000,000 people (~5% of the worldwide population) had perished outright from the event. The remaining population appeared to be unaffected. Please note that these estimates do not take into account the many meta-humans who perished in the immediate aftermath of the Havock due to various factors (panicked public backlash, accidents, etc.). The estimates also fail to account for the numbers of unaffected individuals whose paranormal nature emerged at some later date and time.

In the immediate fallout from the Havock, no trace of the HX-01 was found. The monster was certainly killed by the atomic blast; yet no corpse remained. It has been theorized recently that the monster’s molecular energy was transmuted and combined with the massive radiation contained within the two warheads. Whether this theory can be proven outright still remains to be seen, as does any relation between it and the prevailing notion of orgone energy. Nevertheless, no trace of the HX-01 has been found to this day, while the effects of the Havock – chief among them the ‘creation’ of advanced meta-humans known as paranormals – continues to define a world changed by the events of that fateful day in April 1945.

One final note: I have acquired an amazing photograph of the HX-01 from a truly remarkable survivor of the Havock, who was able to film the utter destruction of the city formerly known as Berlin. Though I plan to eventually forward this photograph to London, for now I keep it within this journal for safe keeping – a rare glimpse of the most important, and still most unknown, factor in the origin of meta-humans.


Hx01 photo1

The Havock

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