House Rules

For Vigil, the following rules have been selected and/or modified from those found in the Savage Worlds Deluxe Rules Set (SWD) and the Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion (SPC).

Setting Rules
Campaign Rules
Custom Rules

Setting Rules

Environmental Options:

Baseline Environment (SPC 8)

Genre Conventions:

Inherent Power (SPC 9)
Natural Growth (SPC 9)
Knockback (SPC 10)
Recurring Roles (SPC 10)
Unarmed Defender (SPC 11)

Power Point Options:

Power Point Level is Heavy Hitters (+20%); Arcane Background (Super Powers) gives 12 points, and Power Points Edge gives 6 points.

Super Karma:

Use of Super Karma is allowed, giving a Wild Card an additional Major Hindrance and granting her extra Power Points equal to those provided by the Power Points Edge (SPC 12).

Campaign Rules

-Wild Cards begin play at the Seasoned Rank.

* Note – per SWD 124, ‘Starting With Experienced Characters’: “It’s important to the balancing process to make your players create their characters as Novices and then “bump” them up through their four progressions per Rank. That maintains a more realistic progression of attributes and skills, and ensures they can’t take more advanced Edges than they would otherwise be entitled to.”

-Wild Cards begin play with $2000 to spend on gear.

-Vigil will use the Super Powers rules contained in SPC, not those on SWD 104.

-Multiple Languages (SWD 94)

-Interludes (SWD 91)

-Regarding Combat Pacing and The Countdown (SWD 125), my intention for Vigil is to remain faithful to the Savage Worlds motto of “Fast, Furious, and Fun!” Although I fully expect our first few combats to run slowly as we all get accustomed to the system, and I will certainly be allowing time for strategy and planning, once we are in combat, I want things to move at a good pace. This isn’t so much a hard-and-fast rule as it is a preference, so that we can get more gaming in during each session.

Custom Rules

Shadow Form (6)

You can become a two-dimensional shadow. This lets you slip along walls and floors – and through the thinnest cracks (anything wide enough to fit your shoulders through) at your Pace. You can also defy gravity, creeping up walls and across ceilings at half Pace. Shadow Form allows you to extend or compact your body by 50%; you possess a Reach of 1” as well while in this form.

You have +4 armor against attacks resulting from other matter and kinetics (including bullets, fists, etc.). Shadow Form offers no protection from energy attacks; Light-based attacks made against you while in Shadow Form are at +4 damage. Magic, psi, and other purely mental abilities affect you normally.

Attacks made against a foe in Shadow Form suffer a –4 penalty (which does not stack with deflection, parry, flight, or speed). Beings in Shadow Form, while much harder to see, are still visible, so foes get a Notice roll at –4 to detect their presence if given some reason or if the character in Shadow Form closes within 1” (2 yards).

You are subject to a few major restrictions while in this form. You cannot walk through three-dimensional space; you must slide along an object. Furthermore, you cannot perform any purely physical attacks or actions; you can use magic, psi, powers, and similar abilities, however.

You may carry objects. They take Shadow Form when picked up and return to normal when put down. You still may not affect non-shadow objects. While in Shadow Form, Encumbrance rules apply as normal, except that: “A character can carry three [instead of five] times his Strength die type in pounds without incurring any penalties.”

[Notes: This power is modified from:
-Altered Form – Shadow (3); Requires Activation (-1)
-Invisibility (5)
-Wall Walker (1); Move at 1/2 Pace (-1)
-Weakness [Minor – Light] (-1)]

House Rules

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