Session 0
On the 29th of April, 1945...

You are soldiers of V Company (“Victor”), 3rd Battalion – 66th Infantry Regiment, 71st Light Division, United States Army. In a highly organized and regimented Army system, Victor Company stands out as one of the few experimental “Special Operations” teams. Your six-man squad was brought together over the course of the war, under the guidance and leadership of your commanding officer, Captain Emmett Taggart. You were each chosen because of your skills and talents, your aptitude for leadership, or simply your overwhelming bravery. V Company gets the tough jobs, and you’ve proven time and again that you’ve got what it takes.

After assisting in the fall of Regensburg, Germany in early April, orders from Division Command have sent you on a path to Berlin – and, hopefully, an end to the war. Although the trek north is difficult – the terrain is harsh and the enemy remains hostile – you and your squadmates Fixer, Husk, and Trace can’t help but daydream of victory and maybe, just maybe, going home.

Early in the morning of 29 April, your squad is instrumental in both delaying and, eventually, defeating the last desperate German reinforcements bound for Berlin. As the final Allied assault begins, Victor Company is assigned a southwest vector and ordered to eliminate all Axis forces.

Your ultimate objective: Make contact with other Allied – and Soviet – Divisions in the center of the city. And topple the Nazi regime by securing the Reichstag.


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