This campaign is currently in planning, with an anticipated start date of Spring 2014.


In the final days of World War II, the Third Reich uses their advanced occult technology in a desperate gambit against the surging Allied forces. In their haste, the Nazis inadvertently summon a colossal monster from an alien dimension. The beast attacks Allied and Axis forces alike, leaving utter destruction in its wake. In response, the United States and Britain decide to unleash the power of the Manhattan Project on this new threat, and while the resulting atomic explosion destroys both the creature and much of Berlin, it has a profound, unforeseen aftereffect: A mysterious shock-wave that envelops the globe, killing millions and fundamentally altering millions more.

This event will come to be known as The Havock.

By 1970, Europe is a very different place…

Millions of people have undergone a mutation of some kind as a result of the shock-wave that ended the second Great War. These individuals are referred to originally as ‘mutants’ and more recently as ‘paranormals.’ The supernatural changes in each paranormal are as variable as there are individuals in the world. Some changes have produced physical deformities, mental abilities, energy-based powers, hyper intelligence— the list in innumerable. With the emergence of a paranormal population, however, comes a societal backlash from those humans who remain unaffected.

On the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Havock, a small group of individuals decides to take a stand: to protect their city from any threat, to improve the lives of paranormals and humans alike, and to transform Arcadia into the shining example it was always meant to be.

Their creed is: “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”

They are Arcadia’s silent, secret guardians.

They are Vigil.


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